I miss Universal Bookstore on Water Street. They had a truly vast selection of magazines and comics. No matter what you were into, you could find something good to read there.

I miss Matt’s record bar on Regent Street. Sure they sold album copies on cassettes, but they also sold them on original CDs. If you wanted to give someone a gift of their favorite artist or album, you could, and it would mean more than a cheap Princo copy in a flimsy plastic case. Ok, so I never did that. I could only afford the cassettes. But I could have done that, in theory.

I miss 3H Video Club on David Street, Kitty. They only rented original DVDs. You got great video audio quality and extras. Sure they were the home video releases which explicitly prohibited that kind of thing, but you got a really good experience when you borrowed from them.

I miss that cycle shop on Barr Street, Kitty. I could never afford anything in there but it was great to go in and window shop and daydream about building the perfect bike with Cannondale frame, Shimano fittings and the like. I can’t remember the brands right now. That was a lifetime ago. But I miss it.

I miss the old NT Computeac. They had good PC parts, high end stuff, and they were always the cheapest in town. And you could get just about any component you needed for your rig.

I miss Quang Chow restaurant at Camp and Regent Streets. They made the best Chinese fried rice. End of story.

I miss Sijan Plaza at Camp and Charlotte Streets. At least I think that’s how they spelled it. They only accepted USD and they stocked the coolest toys that you couldn’t find anywhere else at the time.

I don’t miss having to stand in line to pay bills.

I don’t miss Astor and Strand cinemas.

I don’t miss only being online at home.

I don’t miss not getting land line calls while online at home.

I don’t miss land line calls.

I don’t miss watching TV shows on TV.

I don’t miss having two TV stations.

I don’t miss Paco jeans.

I don’t miss Murder She Wrote. Nor Perry Mason.

I don’t miss Viera scrambling.

I don’t miss Morris Oxfords.

I don’t miss old men on Big Bens.

I don’t miss Ladas.

I should be getting back to work now.

Random Lamentations

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