My Social Network Accounts

Google+ [+wossenwyatt] actively

YouTube [Wossen Wyatt] actively

Facebook [wossman] very rarely

Twitter [wossenw] not a tweet to be found

Instagram [woss_man] nothing here either

Pinterest [wossman] take a wild guess

Tumblr [wossman] you’re probably beginning to see a pattern – if it ain’t from Google I’m not using it.

GitHub [wossman] no repos yet


My Gaming Network Accounts

Steam [wossman] actively

Oculus Home [woss_man] actively

Xbox Live [WossMan] somewhat actively

PlayStation Network [woss_man] nothing much here

Twitch [woss_man] I don’t stream (yet)

GOG [] somewhat actively



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Idea Lists – Buy yourself something
10 Gigabit LAN