Here’s the list of legacy computer operating systems that I’ve collected and would like to collect. They start in the mid 90’s which is when my computing experience began (in 1994, to be specific).

OSReleasedWhy I like itIn collectoon
MS-DOS 6.221994Came on my first PCYes, OEM
Windows for Workgroups 3.1119933.1 with networkingYes, OEM
OS/2 Warp Connect 3.01995Always seemed exotic and industrial to meYes, Retail
Windows NT Workstation 3.511995NT with the feel of 3.1Yes, Retail
Red Hat Linux 5.21998First Linux experienceYes, Retail
Red Hat Linux 6.22000Yes, Retail
Novell NetWare 3.121993 First NOS experience Yes
Windows NT Workstation 4.01996NT with the ease of 95Yes, OEM
Windows NT Server 4.01996NT with the ease of 95Yes, OEM
Windows 95 OSR21997A revolutionary change from 3.1/3.11Yes, OEM
Windows 98 SE1999The end of an eraYes, OEM
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS2006Yes
Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.42000Yes
Sun Solaris 7 (11/99)1999 Fascination with all things Sun Yes, Retail
Sun Solaris 10 (01/06)2006Fascination with all things SunYes, OEM
OpenBSD 5.62015Runs on many architecturesYes, Retail
BeOS R52000It’s BeOSNot yet
Windows NT Server 3.51 1995 NT with the feel of 3.1 Not yet
NeXT NeXTSTEP 3.31995It’s NeXTSTEPNot yet
NeXT OpenStep 4.21997It’s NeXTSTEPNot yet
SCO OpenServer 51995 – 2003The other major UNIX for PCs besides Solaris Not yet
IBM OS/2 2.11993 – 1994Not yet
IBM OS/2 Warp 4.01996Not yet
Sun Solaris 82000 – 2004Fascination with all things SunNot yet
Sun Solaris 92002 – 2005Fascination with all things SunNot yet
SGI IRIX 6.51998 – 2006Fascination with all things SGINot yet
Novell NetWare 4.1/4.21993 – 1999It’s not NTNot yet
Novell NetWare 5/5.11998 – 2000It’s not NTNot yet
Novell NetWare 6/6.52000 – 2003It’s not NTNot yet

Newer OSes in my collection that don’t manufacture physical media. (This trend is truly saddening.) These are kept up to date with their most current release.

OSWhy I like it
HaikuIt’s BeOS-based
Android x86It’s Android
ReactOS Free Windows
Icaros Desktop (AROS) My only Amiga-based experience
OpenBSDModern and runs on Sun hardware
OpenIndianaIt’s Solaris-based
Oracle Solaris 11Fascination with all things Sun
Huawei EulerOSOne of only two UNIX-certified Linux distros