Here’s the list of computer operating systems that I’ve collected on original physical media. It starts in the mid 90’s which is when my computing experience began. The list is in order of release of the specific version of each OS, not necessarily the order of their initial releases. Within any year with multiple items, there’s no particular order except my preference.

OS DateNotes
Novell NetWare 3.12 1993Assisted with some admin tasks on a NetWare LAN with dozens of PCs and hundreds of users at my second job, circa 1999. All clients ran Windows 95.
Microsoft Windows 3.111993
Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11 1993Used this on my very first PC.
Microsoft MS-DOS 6.221994Used this on my very first PC.
IBM OS/2 2.111994
IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0 Connect 1995
NeXT NeXTSTEP 3.31995Intel and NeXT 68K Editions.
NeXT NeXTSTEP 3.31995SPARC and PA-RISC Editions.
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.511995
Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.511995
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP11996
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.01996
Microsoft Windows 95 OSR 2.51997Build 950 B
Microsoft Windows 95 OSR 2.5 with Plus!Build 950 C
Red Hat Linux 5.21998MacMillan Publishing and Red Hat Software releases.
SCO OpenServer 5.0.51999
Sun Solaris 7 (11/99)1999SPARC Edition.
Microsoft Windows 981998
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition1999
Be BeOS Professional 5.0.3 2000Intel and PowerPC Editions. GoBe Software release.
Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 2000
TurboLinux Workstation 6.02000
Red Hat Linux 6.22000
Sun Solaris 8 (1/01)2001SPARC Edition.
Sun Solaris 8 (2/04)2004SPARC Edition.
Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS2006
Sun Solaris 10 (1/06)2006SPARC and Intel Editions.
OpenBSD 5.62015Intel, SPARC, PowerPC, Alpha and PA-RISC Editions.
Fedora Workstation 252016
Fedora Workstation 302019Linux Pro Magazine April 2019 cover disc.
Ubuntu Linux 19.042019Linux Pro Magazine April 2019 cover disc.

Newer OSes in my collection that don’t manufacture physical media. (This trend is truly saddening.) These disc images are kept up to date with their most current release.

HaikuIt’s BeOS-based
Android x86It’s Android
ReactOS Free Windows
Icaros Desktop (AROS) My only Amiga-based experience
OpenIndianaIt’s Solaris-based
Oracle Solaris 11
Huawei EulerOSOne of only two UNIX-certified Linux distros.
(I guess GNU is UNIX, after all! Who knew?!)

What’s missing? A later version of Solaris 8, Solaris 9, a Be Software release of BeOS 5, older BeOS releases, OS/2 Warp 4.x and server versions of OS/2, Windows 3.1 or 3.11 (pre-WFW), some non-Microsoft DOSes (Caldera DR-DOS, IBM PC-DOS, Novell DOS, etc.), newer NetWare versions, some other older Linuxes (SUSE Linux, Corel Linux, Turbo Linux, etc.). Wish me happy hunting.