Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Use this tool to download the current version of Windows 10 and either install it directly on the running system of create a bootable USB drive, DVD or DVD image file.

Windows 8.1 Media Creation Tool

And this tool will download the current version of Windows 8.1 and either install it or create installation media in the same also.

Windows 7 Disc Images

If you have a genuine Windows 7 retail activation key you can download installation disc images from Microsoft. (OEM Keys won’t work.) Also, here’s a mirror of the Digital River repository of Windows 7 installation images that Microsoft once offered.

Windows 7 SP1 July 2016 Update Rollup

To quickly update a new Windows 7 SP1 installation, first download the April 2015 Servicing Stack update, then the July 2016 rollup update.

Get Microsoft Products

Have a legal license key for a Microsoft product but no installation media? You can easily download the install CD or DVD .ISO image file from a torrent site. But how do you ensure that the file you download isn’t tainted by malware?

Easy. Use the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscriber download site to see the original filename of the product .ISO file to use in your search query, but most importantly, here you’ll find the SHA1 checksum of the original file. Use Microsoft’s own File Checksum Integrity Verifier to generate the checksum of the file you downloaded. Once it matches the checksum on the MSDN distribution site, the file is safe to use. (EDIT 2017-06-15: Microsoft has recently changed their MSDN download site so you can no longer browse the library of available downloads without an active MSDN subscription. Oh well. That was fun while it lasted.)

And if you don’t already have a legal license key for the product, you can buy one from for significantly less than the official retail price. I bought a license for Windows 10 Professional OEM edition for only $31 and it worked like a charm to activate Windows on my PC. Kinguin accepts PayPal, so your payment card info is safe. They also sell licenses for other versions of Windows (like 8.1 and 7) and Office, all at very discounted prices.

Windows Defender Offline

If you ever need to remove malware from an infected Windows system, Windows Defender Offline lets you create a bootable disc or flash drive from a clean system, using the latest definition updates, to use to recover the infected system.

Migrate from Evernote to OneNote

Microsoft’s free note taking app OneNote is very comparable to Evernote and includes many features that Evernote either doesn’t have or charges a premium subscription for. If you’ve got a collection of notes in Evernote that you’d like to migrate to OneNote to either get more functionality or save some money, the Evernote Importer for OneNote can login to your Evernote and OneNote accounts and get the job done for you.

Windows Device Recovery Tool

Use this tool to download system images to Windows tablets and phones.

Download Windows VMs

Microsoft offers free virtual machines to use for testing their Internet Explorer and Edge browsers on various versions of Windows ranging from 7 through 10.

Windows NT Option Pack

Download the Windows NT Option Pack from Da-Yeh University (Taiwan) or University of Rostock (Germany), since Microsoft no longer officially hosts the files. (If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.)

HEVC Video Extension

Add HEVC (H.265) video codec support to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This enables functionality such as Netflix 4K streaming.