Here you’ll find UNIX and SPARC stuff.

Some stuff isn’t SPARC (like OpenIndiana, a descendant of Solaris) but it’s UNIX related.

And some stuff isn’t UNIX (like Oracle Linux for SPARC) but it’s SPARC related.

But everything here relates to either or both of those things.

Huawei EulerOS is one of two Linux distros currently certified by The Open Group as a UNIX system. Who’d have thought! I guess GNU is UNIX, huh Richard?
Direct download DVD ISO image or Live USB image.

CDEbian is a CDE-based Linux LiveCD based on Debian 6.0.
CDE on SourceForge. The Wiki.
The Register’s coverage of CDE’s FOSS release (2012).
CDE video review on YouTube (2016).

BOINC community computing client for Solaris on SPARC.

Solaris Getting Started Guides